Gaz Mayall in The Times

by Modculture 15 January, 2006

Gaz_mayall For those of you who missed it, Gaz Mayall was featured in The Times, talking about his life and more specifically, his club – Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues – which celebrates 25 years of playing basement ska and R&B against the fashion of the time more often than not.

You can find the interview online here:,,22875-1978441_1,00.html

A new compilation of tracks that have graced the club’s dancefloor appears from January 23rd too, entitled Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues – Club Classics. No review as yet on Modculture, but you can find out more by visiting:
Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues – Club Classics

To promote the album, Gaz is giving an outing to his Celtic-ska band, The Trojans at the 100 Club on February 3rd, with support from Bristol’s The Scrub and celeb DJ Mark Lamarr. Find out more and get advanced tickets by visiting