German mod scene book incoming

by Modculture 5 August, 2009


Seems to be the season for new books on mods and the mod scene, with the latest of those being Dreiknopf und Dosenbier by Andrey Nikolai.

The title roughly translates to 'three buttons and cans of beer' and from what we've been told, is a look at the German mod scene of the 1980s, particularly around Dusseldorf and Hamburg, featuring a number of both colour and black and white photos of 'the day', plus interviews, fanzines, newsletters – you know the score.

It's due out in September, but we've got a review copy heading over as I type, so we should know more nearer that date. In the meantime, check out the MySpace page for the book – it's in German, but filtering through Google Translate should sort you out if you aren't fluent in the language.

Dreiknopf und Dosenbier MySpace page