Goodbye Gemini heads to DVD

by Modculture 1 April, 2010


It's been out overseas for a while now, but Goodbye Gemini hasn't made it to these shores so far on DVD. Well…until now that is, with a reissue courtesy of Odeon.

The movie, which is also known as Twinsanity, stars Judy Geeson and Martin Potter as said twins, seemingly innocents lost in swinging London, preyed upon by the dastardly Clive – until he pushes things just a step too far for the slightly psychopathic twosome.

The UK DVD is out on May 10th 2010, a digitally remastered special edition with a brand new 16×9 anamorphic transfer, restored audio, an audio commentary by Judy Geeson and producer Peter Snell, a 12-minute on-set feature, original trailer and some booklet notes. Amazon is doing pre-orders for £8.99.

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