Interview with Kent's Tony Rounce

by Modculture 19 June, 2006

Hopefully you’ve checked out the review of the final instalment of the Sue label – the Sue Story Volume 4.

As you’ll have gathered, the album was put together years after the original three volumes – the 4th instalment was mentioned on volume three, but never happened – it was finally released this year courtesy of Tony Rounce, who put together, with the best of his ability and knowledge, an album that best reflected the spectrum of sounds that the UK Sue label had to offer.

But how easy was that? Doug Hadgraft caught up with Tony Rounce to ask him about the Sue compilation, along with the tracks that didn’t make it – and the Sue rarities that still evade the label’s many collectors. It’s a very interesting read.

Check out the interview with Tony Rounce on Modculture