ITN footage of Brighton clashes online

by Modculture 4 February, 2008

May 1964. The Bank Holiday clashes that took place between mods and rockers on Brighton beach have gone down in scene folklore. Mods_rockers

Whilst fighting between these subculture groups was numerous (and not just in Brighton, but Margate and other seaside resorts), there isn’t much actual footage of the clashes that has survived today (not counting the re-staging done in Quadrophenia of course). Luckily some of the news footage ITN took for its Evening News on the 18th of May 1964 has been put online by Newsfilm Online (NFO). Much of it is missing any audio track, and some of it features rather bland interviews with disapproving locals. However there is plenty to get excited about: the close-up shots of the different groups of mods, some well dressed and some less so, but almost all of them teenagers, is fascinating to watch today.

Enough talk from us, take a look for yourselves here.