Joe Hind two tone suits

by Modculture 10 August, 2009


If your wardrobe is crying out for a two tone suit with some quality cloth, you can pick one up if you get yourself to Joe Hind's tailoring establishment in Sunderland.

Hind is a long-established tailoring name for both mods and skinheads in the Sunderland area and has taken possession of a limited supply of a high grade 3-ply two tone cloth. The cloth weighs between 11 and 12ozs and is manufactured in Yorkshire. It is currently available in three colours – Mullberry, Petrol Blue and Gold (one sample above, the other two over the page to give you a rough idea of colour).

Joe is offering these cloths for suits for a limited time – with prices starting at £700 for a two piece, custom-made suit, other prices on request. If you want to know more, you can run Joe on 0191 567 9142 or if you want details emailed to you, fire off an email to [email protected]. Incidentally, the full tailor's address is Joe Hind, 42 Frederick Street, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.


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