July album reissued with single cuts

by Modculture 4 March, 2008

In the summer of 1968 July released their self-titled debut (and indeed only) album, which many consider to be the finest example of UK period psychedelia there ever was. Now that Major Minor album is being lovingly reissued on CD by Rev-Ola Records on the 31st March. July

What makes this reissue that extra bit special is that this 16 track CD version features all four July single sides as bonus tracks, which have never been reissued on CD before. This includes the superior single version of Dandelion Seeds, perhaps the best loved song in their (albeit brief) canon. The reissue has lovingly restored the mind-bending original artwork, and contains new liner notes on the band.

July tracklisting:
1. My Clown
2. Dandelion Seeds
3. Jolly Mary
4. Hallo To Me
5. You Missed It All
6. The Way
7. To Be Free
8. Move On Sweet Flower
9. Crying Is For Writers
10. I See
11. Friendly Man
12. A Bird Lived
13. My Clown (single version)
14. Dandelion Seeds (single version)
15. Hello, Who’s There? (single A-side)
16. The Way (single version)

So desirable are these songs that original copies of the LP and the Hello, Who’s There? single (should you be able to locate them) would set
you back over five hundred pounds. But you can order this reissue
album from Amazon for just £7.99 here.