Latest Takin' A Detour compilation

by Modculture 7 May, 2008

The latest installment of Detour Records‘ mod band compilation is set for release shortly.Detour

Takin’ A Detour Volume 4
is an 18 track CD featuring contemporary, mod-related bands from around the world, with each act contributing two tracks. This volume sees appearances from freakbeaters The East End (Russia), ’79 revivalists The Itch (UK), power-poppers The Cokes (Japan), punk-pop group The Nailclippers (also Japan), ’60s poppers Camera (USA), The Fadeaways (Japan), psych-rockers The Parascopes (Austria),   mod rock from the awfully-named The Unremarkables (UK), and finally indie-mod hybrid Weird Scene (UK). A wide-range of styles are represented here, which helps show the mod/scooter scenes’ strength in diversity.

Takin’ A Detour Volume 4 is released on the 9th of June and can be purchased from the Detour website here. You can email Dizzy from the label here.