Les Tricheurs in full on YouTube

by Modculture 13 June, 2011


I got an email recently from Enamel Verguren (Manu), author of the Mod Chronicles books. It related to a French movie from 1959 called Les Tricheurs, about which he was writing a piece for the Double Breasted fanzine. I've not been able to find a copy of the movie in the UK (with English subtitles), but I did find it on YouTube.

According to Manu, this Marcel Carne-directed flick is a prototype for the mod scene of the 1960s. Scooters, army surplus coats, coffee bars, smart ivy league-inspired gear and modern jazz. It's a bit like you'd imagine a movie of Absolute Beginners to look like, if one was made at the time – and if it was filmed in the St Germain-des-Pres area of Paris.

Anyway, part one is above, with the links to the rest of the movie as follows (all without English subtitles sadly). If you know of an English subtitled release, do speak up.

Les Tricheurs part two
Les Tricheurs part three
Les Tricheurs part four
Les Tricheurs part five
Les Tricheurs part six
Les Tricheurs part seven
Les Tricheurs part eight
Les Tricheurs part nine
Les Tricheurs part ten
Les Tricheurs part eleven
Les Tricheurs part twelve

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