London Street Soul 1988 – 2009

by Modculture 19 June, 2009


I've been overlooking the reviews of late (purely due to lack of time – hopefully it'll be back on track soon), which is a shame as I really need to get a review of London Street Soul 1988 – 2009 (21 Years of Acid Jazz Records) online.

Released by BGP on 29th June 2009, this is a well though out collection of some of the label's finer moments, skipping many of the obviously tracks in favour or some lesser-known, soulful grooves that the label has produced over the years. So rubbing shoulders with the likes of Paul Weller/Andy Lewis, Mother Earth and the Brand New Heavies are more obscure (but equally worthy acts) like Could Nine, Humble Souls, Sandals and Night Trains.

I've spun it a good few times already and it really does make a great summer soundtrack. Look out for a full review soon, but if you want to pick up a copy, Amazon is doing pre-orders now, priced at a very palatable £10.98.

Find out more at the Amazon website