Miss Goldie podcast at Daptone

by Modculture 12 July, 2009


Looking for something lively and interesting to download to your PC and/or iPod? We would like to recommend the Miss Goldie podcast at the Daptone Records website.

According to the site, Melbourne-based Miss Goldie spins two weekly hours of funk, soul, northern and R&B on PBS Boss Action, all orginal vintage 45s of course. The podcast condenses a selection of tracks down to just over an hour – perfect for the daily commute or to keep any home workers away from Radio 2 weekday hell.

To get the podcast, along with a full tracklisting, follow the link below. The podcast is free, of course. If you spot any other decent podcasts, let us know – and we'll let the world know.

Miss Goldie podcast at the Daptone website