Mod/60s podcasts

by Modculture 29 December, 2005

What’s a podcast? Well, put simply, it’s a radio show delivered to your computer every time a new one is released. It means you can play it from your PC or transfer it to your MP3 or Apple player to listen on the go.

The idea’s great, but there’s not many great shows. However, I’ve recently discovered 2 excellent ones:

Mr Finewine’s Downtown Soulville
– still the best soul show online, the rarest and coolest tracks. It’s an hour of great soul every single week. Find out more.

Like what you hear? You can get the podcast here.

– longstanding jukebox of French 60s pop, great soul and R&B, plus garage, freakbeat and other 60s sounds. Always worth a listen. Find out more.

They also have a podcast. You can find out about it here.

Do you know anymore? Let us know. Want to start podcasting? Download iTunes (other software is available) and you can find and save shows easily.

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