Moscow Mods website and gallery

by Modculture 7 May, 2009


I'll bet you didn't know that there was thriving mod scene in Russia? Well, there is – and now there's rather smart site all about them – Moscow Mod Scene.

Right now, much of the text (and indeed forums) are in Russian, but there are plenty of photos in the galleries, should you want to get an insight into the scene out there. And if you're in that region, you'll be more than welcome at any of their events.

Check out the Moscow Mod Scene website

  • harry The Hipster

    goddam – someone needs to get over there and sharpen these poor kiddoes up – trainers with a suit? bad haircuts, bad clothes..i wonder what they are dancing to – i dread to think….

  • Prevyet Re-byata! Good to see that Mod culture is alive & kicking in Moscow.
    See you at the Secret Affair gig: 16 Tons 🙂
    James in Sholkovskya

  • abigail ridehalgh

    I’m off to Moscow this summer and will be checking out the Moscow Mod scene. I’m hoping they have bears on the doors with door men like some of the clubs I have heard about over there!!!!

  • Yes the Moscow Mod Scene has been thriving for some years now-so I did know.I was there recently to see Secret Affair perform at the 16 Tons club and the mods there are more clued up than many of the mods here.There is a very young scene in fact and suited and booted is the order of the day.Check out my pictures on my facebook site

  • I was one of the few Brits that made it to Moscow to see Secret Affair.
    It was amazing to see sharp suited Mods and no one over the age of 25 & so many Mod girIs too…
    The promoter toId me that Secret Affair were the first Mod band to pIay Moscow (incIuding The Jam) so it was a big deaI.
    The band were amazing and came off stage at 3.30am!
    Moscow Mods ruIe!

  • Thank you trACEy! Give my best regards to everyone)
    PS: Hm, “no one over the age of 25” it’s not exactly true)))