Neil Young Archives project

by Modculture 8 May, 2008

A trailer showing off Neil Young‘s long-awaited Archives Volume One has been made available to watch through YouTube.

Young demonstrated earlier this week, at an IT conference in San Francisco, some of the features of Archives. The first release in the Archives series focuses on 1962-1972, and is packaged as an interactive 10-disc Blu-Ray collection of material, including hundreds of tracks of music, photographs, letters
and other memorabilia. This period covers his early bands, his time in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and first few solo albums. It is also hoped that it will include the unreleased material he recorded at Motown studios, which has yet to see the light of day. Some of his fans will be forced into updating their home entertainment systems in order to be able to play Archives on the new Blu-Ray format.

The first Archives volume (of an estimated five) is scheduled for release this
Autumn, via Sun Microsystems/Reprise/Warner Bros. Have a sneak preview below.