New band: Los Padrinos

by Modculture 16 June, 2008


Not strictly a new band as they’ve been around for a couple of years, but Mexico-based Los Padrinos are certainly new to us.

Check out their sound via MySpace, which they describe as ‘Mexican powerpop and sixties revival’ – a description it’s hard to argue against. And if you like what you hear, the band’s first EP has just been released and is available to order worldwide.

It’s called El Hombre Globo lo Sabrá and is a five-song EP-CD, limited to 1,004 copies. You can check out the tunes and buy the EP at the link below.

Find out more at the Los Padrinos MySpace site

  • It’s great surprise to see my mexican mates havin’success…
    Cheers from Barcelona!

  • Cheers mates!!
    it is a great EP, and the bass player is so cute and charming!!

  • Lola

    They’re brilliant!

  • Ace Face

    Congratulations mates, greetings from Colombia, you know who i am!

  • apache

    good to see you guys,
    your music sounds great!

  • Erick Hazal

    Hey! Qué gusto! No puedo con tanta emoción… qué orgullo, una vez más.
    Saludos desde la selva.
    Hey! What a…? This is overwelming, you’re amazin’ guys… I’m proud!… once again.
    Cheers from the jungle.

  • mothercasale

    i love los padrinos

  • they’re hot!

  • Elegant pop and without artifices, very good!!
    Pop elegante y sin artificios ¡¡muy buenos!!