New band: The Hidden Masters

by Modculture 11 June, 2008

Scotland seems to be producing lots of ’60s influenced bands at the moment. And if you fancy a truly authentic trip to California circa 1966 then look to Glasgow’s The Hidden Masters.The_hidden_masters_2

The band have that blissed-out garage-psych sound down to a tee: The Seeds, The Music Machine and The Electric Prunes would all surely approve of ‘Golden Hair‘ and the Farfisa-led ‘Things Are Gonna Happen To You’. Singer Dave Dixon, formerly of local heroes The Needles, actually sounds a lot like British rocker Johnny Kidd, which shouldn’t suit the music being made here but strangely it does. His voice is exceptionally suited to this music in fact. The band are still very much in its infancy and in keeping with their name are difficult to catch a glimpse of, with them hand-picking their gigs rather than playing anywhere and everywhere. Keep a close eye on when they do play on a Scotland stage soon, and hopefully the rest of the UK, and indeed Europe, will be swaying along to their groovy sounds very soon.

To hear The Hidden Masters go visit their Myspace page here.