New band: The Invisible Lead Soup

by Modculture 9 October, 2008

Sometimes all a mod needs to keep happy is some mid-60s beat-pop. Step forward The Invisible Lead Soup.Invisible_lead_soupgif

The London five-piece – Mark, Colin, Tony, Ted, and Tim – possess the harmonies of vintage US folk-rockers, mixed in with the pop-nous of Steve’s Winwood and Marriott. The Zombies and Rubber Soul-era Beatles are obvious influences, whilst the driving rhythms and understated vocals on tracks such as ‘Brand New Shirt’ and What She Said’ are also reminiscent of contemporary acts such like The Higher State and Beep Seals. The subtle but fluid Hammond organ playing is an added bonus to the psych-beat treats. Mark and Colin from the band also have another band on the go called The J-Pegs, where they play similar, if slightly more pared-down, material.

Try and catch either act in a dingy basement near you soon!

The Invisible Lead Soup can be heard here and here. The J-Pegs are here.

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