New band: Wallgate Circus

by Modculture 6 December, 2009


The sound of 'new' mod music in 2009 (and going into 2010) is almost impossible to pinpoint as we enter 2010, with mod bands covering everything from classic soul and funk or traditional R&B sounds through to the kind of sound produced by Wallgate Circus – which is possibly as far from authentic mod club sounds as you can get.

Not that we're slating Wigan-based Wallgate Circus, far from it, they look the part and (judging by the original material on MySpace) they produce an energetic mix of indie and punk which is likely appeal to fans of either genre.

But is it 'mod'? Not if our view of mod sounds is old school jazz and R&B. Anyone else can check out the MySpace site for tunes and forthcoming tour dates.

Wallgate Circus on MySpace