New book: Time For Action – The Mod Revival 1978 – 1981

by Modculture 11 September, 2012

Time For Action - The Mod Revival 1978 - 1981

Time For Action – The Mod Revival 1978 – 1981

Paul Hallam has pointed me in the direction of the Time For Action – The Mod Revival 1978 – 1981 book. No surprise there, as Paul’s own Countdown Books is the publisher of this upcoming book.

Herr’s the official write-up:

The Mod Revival of 1979-80 put life and laughs into an increasingly grim post-punk UK scene. Snobby music press hacks tried to write it off as a hype manufactured by the film industry to plug Quadrophenia.

Not true. The roots of ‘New Mod’ were actually in The Jam and their All Mod Cons album which inspired a generation of teenagers to embrace the joys of Fred Perrys, Harrington jackets, Vespas – and powerful songs with great tunes.

Garry Bushell was the first rock writer to cover the scene, reviewing the Purple Hearts, the Jolt, the Chords and Secret Affair in rapid succession between 1978 and 1980. He was also the only one who gave the young backstreet bands a fair hearing.

This is his funny, informative and affectionate history of the rise and fall, rebirth and lasting influence of the Mod Revival as it happened. Including all the major bands and most of the minor ones. Available for the first time ever in book form, includes never before seen photographs.

If all of that appeals, you can walk into your local HMV and pick one up from 1st October for £9.99.

Alternatively, there’s more on Facebook or you can pre-order directly from the publisher, which might have copies ready for mid-September.

Thanks also to Peter Jachimiak for flagging up the book.