New Mod movie – new trailer

by Modculture 9 November, 2006

A new Mod-themed movie from the US under the title Young Birds Fly brought out some strong opinions when the first trailer went online.

Well, a new – and longer – trailer has just gone online for the film, which you can view below. The movie is now scheduled to go on general release in June next year. Once more, I’d love to hear your opinions…

  • ColGonk!

    …I reckon it looks kinda’ gear, is it on general release or only for the states or download or someother option, youtube? Do you have to collect the backs of Shredded Wheat to see it? Aye, I’d go and see it, why? what have you heard?

  • Chris

    yeah, why not. it’s a pain tryin 2 find mod stuff 2 watch nowadays so might as well watch it if it’s out there. i’ll make me mind up after that….

  • Col

    I’d only check it out to catch more of Elizabeth – she looks a bit dirty

  • SPC


  • Sal

    Its great, because its the only mod film outhere to relate to today’s Mod’s. Who needs another queadrophenia? The one was perfect so just leave it at that. And the L.A Mod scene does need a little wake up call.