New Mod movie – Young Birds Fly

by Modculture 3 July, 2006

I’ve just been forwarded details of a new "Mod" film, under the title of Young Birds Fly, which is currently coming to the end of shooting in California and is scheduled to be released towards the end of this year. Details can be found here.

Here’s the plot summary as it was sent to me:

"Young 15-year-old Jill was a nobody. She was an extremely awkward teenager, had no friends and spoke nearly not at all. Her short life had been one loss after another until she found peace with a box of old records, a worn out a-Line dress and a Technics 1200.

32-year-old Cathy "C-Bird" Lindgreen was the Top Mod "Back in the day". Nobody really much mattered to her until she was forced to face her dark past that she thought she had walked away from. 15-year-old Jeananne was the most popular girl on campus, the top athlete on her soccer team who commanded respect from her fellow students. But she knew it was all a sham. Until a chance meeting between them would change their lives in ways they could only ever dream."

If that’s not enough, the trailer is below for you to watch. I’m sure many of you will have something to say after watching it…

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