Nicholson & Walcot handmade scarves

by Modculture 4 November, 2008

So you enjoy wearing Tootal scarves, but fancy a change every so often. Or you are looking for an extra special touch of class in the suit accessory department. If so then let Modculture point you in the direction of Nicholson and Walcot.Nic_and_wal

The people behind Nicholson & Walcot produce a range of handmade scarves, pocket squares, as well as unique cushions and toy bags. The former come in a number of styles, in silk or cotton varities, and have a whole host of mod faces as recent customers: Paul Weller, Andy Crofts (see photo), Gary Crowley, Paolo Hewitt, and Darren Connett to name just a few.

The scarves are proving to be an immediate hit in the capital. The range is available from Threadneedleman tailors in south London (020 7701 9181), but if you can’t visit George there and wish to purchase an item or two in preparation for Christmas we recommended you get in touch via the Myspace page here.