Online modernist fiction

by Modculture 5 February, 2008

Occasionally mod-inspired fiction rears it head, though a lot of such books seem to be written to cash in on something considered ‘cool’. Frankly it can be questionable whether the author has ‘lived the life’ to be in the right position to accurately write about the subject. So it was heartening to see a short novel written for the pure love of the current scene, and furthermore one that is available free for all to read.Rob

Rob Massey aka Biff Bang Rob, long time mod scene supporter and the man behind the Soho Strut website, has been burning the midnight oil to produce what he calls ‘a tale of love and lager and Fred Perry soul, to the soundtrack of the East Midlands Beat Revolution’. The Sound Of Your Strummin’ (named after a lyric in ‘Beat Surrender’) is set in the east Midlands and features plotlines inspired by local contemporary bands and mod bands from the previous two decades.

At 32 short chapters you certainly get a feel for the midlands scene and the lifestyle best summed up by the classic phrase "clean living under difficult circumstances". And the great thing about online novels are that you are able to give immediate feedback to the author, which we’re sure Rob would appreciate.

Read the novel here

See Rob’s Myspace page here