Quadrophenia – the play

by Modculture 16 January, 2007

Quadrophenia Well, we’ve had the album, the film, the book, the live show – and now we have Quadrophenia – the theatrical production.

The place to see it is Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre, produced by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and the first production to get the backing of Pete Townshend.

According to thee advanced blurb:
"Jimmy’s journey through his troubled world of home, growing up, self-doubt, rejection, pill-fuelled escapism and seaside hedonism is explored through compelling physical and visual storytelling, combined with some of the best narrative rock music ever written. A powerful, roller coaster of a production, appealing to rebels and adolescents of all ages!"

It runs from 9th February – 17th February 2007, with tickets priced at £10 and £12.

Find out more at the Sherman Theatre website

Via Electric Roulette

  • Anonymous

    I find the dramatic arts quite scary. This is horrifying. Could actually be worse than the abba or queen musicals.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard good things about this production of quadrophenia. Apparently they are staying true to the original album rather than the film.

  • Steven Morris

    On the afternoon of the 9th February they are having a preview show (dress rehearsal), and wanting to get a bit of publicity they have reserved 40 tickets for Mods / Scooterists prepared to turn up on period scooters and arranged for the local media to be there.
    I will post some feedback here about the play after I’ve attended this preview.
    Anyone thinking of travelling down to Cardiff for this, might I suggest Saturday 17th February as there is a “FABULOUS” mod/soul club night on in Cardiff that night.