Record Store Day 2014 Special: The Action 7-inch Singles Box Set on Demon

by Modculture 21 March, 2014

The Action - In The Lap Of The Mods by Ian Hebditch and Jane Shepherd

The Action

I’m not usually excited enough about Record Store Day releases to get up ridiculously early for them. But I might maker an exception for The Action 7-inch Singles Box Set.

It’s the standout ‘mod’ release for Record Store Day, which takes place on Saturday 19th April 2014. If you’ve never participated in it before, let’s just say that there’s a glut of limited edition vinyl available, the best of which will be snapped up – so get up early and queue.

That’s almost certain to be the case for The Action 7-inch Singles Box Set. According to the official write-up, it contains:

7x 7-inch singles in replica and new sleeve constructions
A 24-page booklet with unseen and rare photos and memorabilia
An A2 double-sided poster
Download card  – so you can get the vinyl in digital form for free too

We haven’t seen the sleeve yet (we’ll update as soon as we see it, the image above certainly isn’ it), but regardless of that, this is a must-have item.Not sure of the actual singles in the box either – presumably the six official releases in the UK, along with one extra. That’s just a guess though, but probably an educated one.

Set the alarm if you want it and if you want to know more about Record Store Day (and your nearest participating store), the website is here.

  • Paloma

    I live in the US but would love to have this- anyone in the UK want to trade for some US RSD releases?

    • mark cathcart

      Did you get a copy? I’m heading back to the UK soon and can order one for delivery and pick-it up when I get there…

      • Paloma

        No, no one else has taken me up on this. I’d love to trade if you’re interested in any of the US RSD releases, thank you so much!

        • mark cathcart

          email me… this is my real name, its simple enough to find me.

    • Greg Thomas

      hi…i’m going to be queuing very early….will happily pick you up a copy if you wish to trade – there are some american releases that i’m after…greg

      • Paloma

        Sounds great! What are you interested in?

        • Greg Thomas

          crikey there are loads…lol…veruca salt is one of them! is there a way to contact you directly? email? facebook?

          • Paloma

            email me at [email protected]!

          • Greg Thomas

            cool – i’ll be in touch tomorrow! this time next week i’ll be in the queue!!!! lol

  • Arie

    This Dutchman wants it too!