Roger Eagle tape on Soundcloud

by Modculture 20 May, 2010


Looking for something interesting to hear online? Check out this Roger Eagle tape.

Ok, it's not a tape anymore, but forum user 'Snails' has posted the old tape to online DJ mix site Soundcloud, lasting around 90 minutes and packed full of vintage R&B from the legendary Twisted Wheel DJ. The original tape, called The Barefoot Rock, was bought off Roger when he was doing DJ support at a gig in the 80s. Sadly the tracklisting has been lost, but it shouldn't affect your enjoyment.

I'm reposting here because the original forum listing is in a 'hidden' part of the forum (yes, if you're not a member, you can't read everything). And if you want to know more about Roger Eagle, check out this interview, posted online at Jack That Cat Was Clean.

Roger Eagle tape on Soundcloud

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