Sainsburys' Mod pencil cases

by Modculture 9 November, 2006

It’s amazing what you find on a trip down to the supermarket – today I found this Mod pencil case at my local Sainsburys.

It’s actually manufactured by Helix, who obviously feel that there’s some kind of Mod revival going on in our schools. It’s grey and available in two colour schemes – the grey/red design (as pictured) and a green/yellow design. Note that the colours are a little more vibrant than the scan suggests,

You get the whole Mod works in the print – arrow, target, mirrrored-up scooter and union jack, with the words "soul culture" at the top (if that had been "mod culture" we’d be talking litigation!) and a tyre track print on the rear.

It costs £2.99 – I know this because I bought one just so I could tell you all about it!

Sainsburys website