Specials reunion news

by Modculture 8 April, 2008

Over the past week news has filtered through of a potential Specials reunion.Specials

Singer Terry Hall was speaking to the BBC last week and said there could be live dates in the Autumn:

We need to spend the Summer rehearsing… I think it’s taken me 30 years to realise we could do it really well…I saw Patti Smith do Horses, and I saw The Pixies reforming… you do it with dignity or don’t do it at all.

Then yesterday MC and vocalist Neville Staple confirmed the rehearsal, but warned the live shows may never materialise:

A couple of months ago we all started talking. We had to talk first to see if we could get on, but we got past the talking stage. Then we said, ‘Okay, let’s see what we’re like in a room together rehearsing with instruments’. So the musicians done that first, then Terry went down. So we’ve had two rehearsals. One where they’re on their own, and then the last one where me and Terry went in…So if it works, we’ll do it. If not, well. I’m sorry lads and girls. But we’re trying.

Any notion of going into the studio to record new material seem unlikely right now. Rumours of a reunion had circled for months, but it was thought keyboard player Jerry Dammers was not keen. The rehearsals have gone ahead without him, but the rest of the band haven’t given up on him eventually joining in.

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