Spotify playlist: New Mod Sounds

by Modculture 31 July, 2012

The Above

The Above

Plenty of Spotify playlists with classic mod grooves, but what about new bands? Check out our New Mod Sounds Spotify playlist for plenty of that, containing in excess of 30 tracks from new and emerging bands on the mod scene.

There is no reasoning behind this playlist, aside from it being full of acts from the current era and on Spotify, covering everything from garage to old school soul and R&B, including many new bands we featured, like The Above pictured here, who we featured just last week.

It’s not complete – bands like The Shoestrung, The Janice Graham Band, The Strypes and ElGazelle (to name just four) aren’t on Spotify. Also, it’s a work in progress, with more likely to be added as and when we find them. But for now, there are 30+ bands featured to get you going.

Check it out below and if you want to suggest any we have missed (and they are on Spotify), do add a comment below. Direct link is here if you need it.

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