Standard release of Mod Art by Paul Anderson confirmed

by Modculture 2 August, 2018

Standard release of Mod Art by Paul Anderson confirmed

Standard release of Mod Art by Paul Anderson confirmed

Yes, there is a limited edition you can pledge for. But the standard version of Mod Art by Paul Anderson is also coming your way.

That’s good news for those of you outside the UK, as the pledge version of the book seemed to be limited to just the UK. This version seems to be available to order worldwide.

The difference? Well, that’s down to the cover. Go for the limited edition and you get the Pete Townshend graphic. Go for this one for a more ‘swinging London’ take on things.

The content within is much the same, as you would expect really. As the pre-release for the book states:

Examining and illustrating the art scene surrounding the birth of modernism and its simultaneous rise among the burgeoning working class Mod scene of the Sixties, Paul Anderson’s Mod Art is the definitive work on the visual culture of Mod.

With interviews from key artists, scene members and a rich understanding of the how the collision of high art and mass culture formed, Mod Art will appeal to fans of history, music, fashion and art. Gorgeously illustrated with a treasure trove of hundreds of colour photographs of famous, rediscovered and rare images from the era, Mod Art will be read and re-read for years to come.

Paul Anderson’s previous book, Mods: The New Religion, is a best seller in the genre and considered a defining work on the subculture.

The release date for this 224-page book has been something of a moving target (if you forgive the pun), but it has now been confirmed for 8th November 2018. It can be pre-ordered now, with Amazon offering it at a discounted £20.29 (down from the official £25 list price).

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