Swinger's Guide to London reissue

by Modculture 29 June, 2010


Ok, it's a long story, but an interesting one that could mean a reissue of A Swinger's Guide To London by Piri Halasz.

I've never seen the original, but when trying to find a copy, I managed to get in touch with the author, who wrote the book as a junior writer for Time magazine in 1967. It was intended as a guide to swinging London for American tourists – places to go, the people, how to fit in etc. Sections like  'How Not to Look Like a Tourist', 'What Newspapers and Magazines to Read', 'Where to Find a Party' and 'Culture' gives you an idea of what to expect.

Anyway, I've still not seen an original, but a short while back, the author got back to me, saying she is looking to reissue the book herself in the US. Obviously as a nostalgia piece, but one that should be of interest to anyone with a fascination of the era. I'll keep you posted.

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