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eBay watch: Mods issue of The Sunday Times Colour Magazine 1964

by Modculture 30 April, 2015

It’s one of those much sought after mod items – and someone knows it judging by the price of The Sunday Times Colour Magazine from 2nd August 1964. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Issues 5 and 10 of The Mod magazine

by Modculture 23 March, 2015

Usually these come with a high asking price, but issues 5 and 10 of The Mod magazine on eBay right now are more affordable – but there are issues. Continue Reading

1960s-style dresses by Swinging Chicks

by Modculture 8 March, 2015

Was actually browsing for something else when I encountered these 1960s-style dresses by Swinging Chicks. Well worth a look. Continue Reading

Classic logos: Toerag t-shirts at Etsy

by Modculture 8 March, 2015

We flagged up Toerag a while back when they were selling via eBay. Now the t-shirt range looks to have been expanded and is selling via Etsy.

Worth a look too. I’m not saying it’s t-shirt weather now, but it might well be soon and when it is, they’re worth having in the wardrobe / drawer.

The range features a range of mod-friendly subjects, from shirts featuring bands through to logos and compilation album sleeves. As examples, check out the Rhythm and Blues above (based on a compilation album logo), The Who logo t-shirt below and The Artwoods long-sleeve top (also below).

Many more too, with prices starting from around £10.

Toerag t-shirts at Etsy

1960s-style Louche Shura Rain Dress at Joy

by Modculture 13 February, 2015

Not a vintage piece, this 1960s-style Louche Shura Rain Dress is on the high street. Continue Reading

The Who Maximum R&B framed poster at BHS

by Modculture 12 February, 2015

Yes, amazingly, this is available at BHS online – a reproduction of The Who Maximum R&B poster. Continue Reading

eBay watch: 1960s Stamford Hill mods edition of Town Magazine

by Modculture 15 January, 2015

It was the subject of an exhibition back in 2012, but if you want the original, there’s a copy of the 1960s Stamford Hill mods edition of Town Magazine on eBay right now. But it doesn’t come cheap. Continue Reading

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1967 Type III cotton trucker jacket

by Modculture 12 December, 2014

Have featured variations of this classic in the past, but this Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1967 Type III trucker jacket with a cotton construction is definitely a first for us. Continue Reading

Fred Perry 1960s-style cord bomber jacket

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

Fred Perry currently has a range for men and women by the name of Reissues. Essentially it is clothing inspired by classics from the Fred Perry archive. Not exactly one-to-one replicas, but as near as you get. This Fred Perry cord bomber jacket is one example. Continue Reading

1960s-style scarves by Beat Surrender

by Modculture 10 November, 2014

A good number of these around right now, but with the price of Tootal scarves being at the premium end of the market, there is always likely to be opportunities for cheaper competition. Like Beat Surrender, for example. Continue Reading