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1960s-style Beams Plus Suede Type I Trucker Jacket

by Modculture 16 October, 2014

I know it isn’t cheap, but I still love this 1960s-style Beams Plus Suede Type I Trucker Jacket. Continue Reading

Verve 1960s-style button-through top by Connection Knitwear

by Modculture 26 September, 2014

You may recall we got rather excited by the first launches from Connection Knitwear back in March. If you did too, you’ll probably like the look of the first follow-up design for autumn, this Verve 1960s-style button-through top. Continue Reading

Action Packed by The Action to get a limited edition vinyl issue

by Modculture 20 September, 2014

Big thanks to Mark Colley, who happened to be stumble on a listing for a limited edition vinyl issue of The Action’s Action Packed album. Continue Reading

Get Carter: The original Ted Lewis book trilogy reissued by Syndicate Books

by Modculture 29 August, 2014

If you are a fan of the classic movie, there’s every chance you’ll be a fan of the books. You’ll have a chance to find out soon, as the Get Carter books by Ted Lewis will soon be reissued by Syndicate Books. Continue Reading

BBC One to screen Mods and Rockers Rebooted documentary

by Modculture 17 August, 2014

I suspect it isn’t going to be up there with the Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem doc on BBC Four, but if you can tune in, the Mods and Rockers Rebooted documentary on BBC One should be worth checking out. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Collection of original 1960s Mods Monthly magazines

by Modculture 5 August, 2014

Not one random copy of Mods Monthly, it seems that someone is selling a batch of these things on eBay right now. Continue Reading

Found: The Rolling Stones – unpublished photos of the band in 1965

by Modculture 24 July, 2014

There’s a very interesting story behind this new book from The Ice Plant, which is simply titled Found: The Rolling Stones. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle OG trainers reissued in six suede options

by Modculture 10 July, 2014

It’s pretty much a constant in the Adidas range, but a larger-than-usual drop of the Adidas Gazelle OG trainers has just landed, with six suede options to choose from. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Pretend You’re In A War: The Who and the Sixties by Mark Blake

by Modculture 25 June, 2014

Just spotted this potentially interesting upcoming book release – Pretend You’re In A War: The Who and the Sixties by Mark Blake – which is a hardback release by Aurum Press. Continue Reading

1960s-style scarves by Wild Woods

by Modculture 11 June, 2014

A man, an idea and a sewing machine., That’s pretty much the background to these 1960s-style scarves by Wild Woods. Continue Reading