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Limited edition Twiggy I and Twiggy II signed silkscreen prints by David Studwell

by Modculture 8 March, 2015

Not cheap, but ‘serious’ art rarely is. However, the Twiggy I and Twiggy II signed silkscreen prints by David Studwell should be rather bold additions to your wall. Continue Reading

Motifs limited edition box set by Sir Peter Blake

by Modculture 31 October, 2014

Not cheap, that’s pretty much a given. But that’s not to say that we don’t love this limited edition Motifs box set by Sir Peter Blake. Continue Reading

Modernist New York: A Guide to New York for mods

by Modculture 6 September, 2013

Huge thanks to Derek from the excellent The Electric Mess for his help in putting together this mod’s guide to New York. Read on for what we have and if you can any comments or can add anything to it, please get in touch with us (we suspect this one could run and run). Likewise, if you can help put together a guide your town or city. Continue Reading

Pop – an exhibition of prints by Sir Peter Blake in London

by Modculture 30 August, 2013

If you are a fans of the iconic pop artist, you might want to get down to the Hang-Up Gallery in London next month for Pop – an exhibition of prints by Sir Peter Blake. Continue Reading

Modernist Barcelona: A Guide To Barcelona For Mods

by Modculture 28 August, 2013

Our second single city mod guide focuses no the super-hip city of Barcelona. Huge thanks to Alberto Valle for all his help in putting together this extensive guide – essential for anyone planning a trip there. Continue Reading

Twiggy wall decals by Zazous

by Modculture 5 December, 2012

Fancy Twiggy looming large over you in your bedroom or living room? You probably want one of these Twiggy wall decals by Zazous. Continue Reading

Limited edition This Is England print by Pete McKee

by Modculture 5 November, 2012

You may or may not know that Warp Films is celebrating 10 years with a host of events. One such event is Pete McKee reworking the artwork for its movies for an exhibition. If you are quick, you can get one of his This Is England prints. Continue Reading

Pete McKee iPhone cases

by Modculture 9 October, 2012

Might be old news, but just checking out Pete McKee‘s website and noticed he’s now doing his artwork as iPhone cases. In light of the popularity of the Small faces case, thought it might be worth a mention. Continue Reading

Wiggo by McKee: Pete McKee does a Bradley Wiggins Bellboy print

by Modculture 2 August, 2012

Pete McKee is no stranger to this site, nor is Olympic gold medallist and Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins. So this Bellboy print is a marriage made in mod heaven. Continue Reading

Bailey On… (1973)

by Modculture 9 June, 2012

According to the particularly stern introduction, Bailey on Warhol is ‘an attempt to capture the spirit of Warhol using some of the techniques he has pioneered and several stills of his most famous work.’ Pretty good summing up I’d say. Continue Reading