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eBay watch: 1960s Small Faces shop display panel

by Modculture 11 November, 2015

Slightly disappointed that it isn’t bigger, but this 1960s Small Faces shop display panel is still worth mentioning. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Mods issue of The Sunday Times Colour Magazine 1964

by Modculture 30 April, 2015

It’s one of those much sought after mod items – and someone knows it judging by the price of The Sunday Times Colour Magazine from 2nd August 1964. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Issues 5 and 10 of The Mod magazine

by Modculture 23 March, 2015

Usually these come with a high asking price, but issues 5 and 10 of The Mod magazine on eBay right now are more affordable – but there are issues. Continue Reading

Keith Moon’s 1964 Ludwig drum kit going up for auction at Bonhams in London

by Modculture 14 November, 2014

If you are a Who fan, you could treat yourself to an early Christmas present – Keith Moon’s 1964 Ludwig drum kit, which is up for auction at Bonhams. Continue Reading

Up for auction: Replica of Jimmy’s scooter from Quadrophenia

by Modculture 22 July, 2014

If you want to live out a movie fantasy, you can do just that – buy bidding on a replica of Jimmy’s scooter from Quadrophenia. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Large collection of obscure vintage scooters and vehicles – 47 in total

by Modculture 12 September, 2012

Credit to Lambrettista for spotting this large and unusual collection of vintage scooters and other vehicles currently being sold on eBay. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Buttons: The Making of a President by Jamie Mandelkau

by Modculture 5 September, 2012

Just noticed that there’s a copy of Buttons: The Making of a President by Jamie Mandelkau on eBay right now, which might be of interest to people reading this site. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Five interesting vintage record players

by Modculture 26 June, 2012

Yes, you can buy retro-styled record players new these days (like the recent-produced Crosley Keepsake for example). But there are plenty of original players out there. Here are five of the best up for auction right now. Note that if the auctions have ended, you can see all current vintage record player auctions here. Continue Reading

The Who at Christie’s Pop Culture auction in London

by Modculture 27 May, 2012

Got a few quid to spare? Or just a few minutes? Either way, the Christie’s Pop Culture auction is worth browsing. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Dances for Mods & Rockers magazine

by Modculture 25 May, 2012

A marvellous bit of nonsense from the early ’60s in the form of the Dances for Mods & Rockers magazine. Continue Reading