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Paul Hallam Odds & Sods book signing at the Photographers’ Gallery, London

by Modculture 24 June, 2016

We have mentioned the book before, but if you want a signed copy, get yourself over to the Photographers’ Gallery in London tomorrow (25th June 2016), where Paul Hallam will be signing his Odds & Sods book. Continue Reading

Interview: Kieran McAleer talks Sneakers past and present

by Modculture 14 June, 2016

If you didn’t know, the legendary Sneakers club is back in London next month. We talked to Kieran McAleer about the night’s past and of course, its present. Continue Reading

Pete McKee designs mod club-inspired Rega Club turntable for Record Store Day

by Modculture 29 February, 2016

We have featured the work of Pete McKee in the past extensively, including his This Is England figures, his Teenage Cancer Trust gig prints and his general mod-related art, such as this Weekenders print. But this mod club-inspired Rega Club turntable for Record Store Day could be the most desirable piece yet. Continue Reading

Limited edition vinyl: The Golden Torch 1969 – 1973

by Modculture 10 February, 2016

You might remember that we featured the first instalments in this series a shirt while back – The Scene Club and The Twisted Wheel. Now there’s a new addition, The Golden Torch 1969 – 1973 on the Outta Sight label. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Soul For Dancers 2 on limited edition double vinyl and CD (Fantastic Voyage)

by Modculture 22 January, 2016

Do you remember the original Soul For Dancers collection from last year? Well, it proved pretty popular – popular enough for Soul For Dancers 2 to become reality on the Fantastic Voyage label. Continue Reading