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Lambert & Stamp (2015)

by Modculture 25 February, 2015

Alex ‘The Scenester’ Baxter gets an early viewing of the upcoming Lambert & Stamp documentary. Which means you get an early review. Continue Reading

1960s-style Louche Shura Rain Dress at Joy

by Modculture 13 February, 2015

Not a vintage piece, this 1960s-style Louche Shura Rain Dress is on the high street. Continue Reading

Fred Perry Tennis Bomber Jacket

by Modculture 12 February, 2015

Just noticed this on the shelves, ‘this’ being Fred Perry Tennis Bomber Jacket. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Tubby Hayes – A Man In A Hurry

by Modculture 12 February, 2015

A treat for the modernists out there who love their jazz – Tubby Hayes – A Man In A Hurry. Continue Reading

The Who Maximum R&B framed poster at BHS

by Modculture 12 February, 2015

Yes, amazingly, this is available at BHS online – a reproduction of The Who Maximum R&B poster. Continue Reading

Baracuta G9 Blackwatch Harrington Jacket

by Modculture 30 January, 2015

Earlier this week, we thought we had spotted all the new colours of the Harrington. But today we spotted another very distinctive finish, this Baracuta G9 Blackwatch Harrington Jacket. Continue Reading

Fred Perry reissues: Classic Harrington Jacket for women

by Modculture 28 January, 2015

The Fred Perry Reissues range is (as you might have guessed) a selection of items from the archives given a new lease of life for the modern era. That range now includes the Classic Harrington Jacket for women. Continue Reading

Latest colours of Baracuta Harrington G9 jacket now on the shelves

by Modculture 28 January, 2015

It’s not really a ‘fashion’ item, but the colour of the classic Baracuta Harrington G9 jacket does change from season to season. So with that in mind, this is the latest selection of colours which have just appeared. Continue Reading

Lambert & Stamp movie heads to cinemas in May 2015

by Modculture 28 January, 2015

We have mentioned this previously, but we now have more details about the general release of the Lambert & Stamp movie. In fact, we might even have a review up before it hits the big screen. Continue Reading

Vintage-style paisley silk scarves by Knightsbridge

by Modculture 22 January, 2015

Another variation on the (increasingly) well worn Tootal theme, these paisley silk scarves by Knightsbridge. Continue Reading