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A Year In Mod: The 20 most popular Modculture posts of 2016

by Modculture 4 January, 2017

The year has ended and a new one begun. But before we start 2017 proper, we thought it might be a good idea to look back at the past 12 months, courtesy of the 20 most popular posts on the Modculture site. Continue Reading

Updated: Paul Anderson’s upcoming Mod Art book now on pre-order

by Modculture 14 November, 2016

It isn’t out yet, but Mod Art by Paul Anderson is already on pre-order at Amazon. Continue Reading

Ready Steady Girls book now available to pre-order at Amazon

by Modculture 7 September, 2016

If you didn’t reserve one via the Kickstarter project to finance the book, you can now pre-order a copy of the Ready Steady Girls book at Amazon. Continue Reading

Odds & Sods: An exhibition of the 1980s mod scene by Paul Hallam in London

by Modculture 2 September, 2016

We mentioned a Brighton showcase recently, but that has now moved onto London for the Odds & Sods photo exhibition. Continue Reading

New mod fiction: Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel (Caffeine Nights Publishing)

by Modculture 27 May, 2016

Outside of Absolute Beginners and Alan Fletcher’s output, there used to be pretty much no mod-related fiction around. Things have changed drastically over the last few years though, with new titles appearing pretty much year on year. The latest on the shelves is Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Changing Faces mods issue of the Sunday Times from 1964

by Modculture 24 May, 2016

One of these was up for £230 last year. Not sure if they got that for it, but I do know this one is copy of the Sunday Times Changing Faces issue from 1964 on eBay right now. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Various Artists – Modernism (Kent)

by Modculture 12 April, 2016

Get saving your pennies as Modernism looks like anther superb compilation from Kent and Ace Records. What else would you expect of them? Continue Reading

Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London

by Modculture 31 March, 2016

It opens today and if you are able to get there, the Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London looks well worth checking out. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Living for Kicks: A Mods Graphic Novel by Jim McCarthy and Kevin Cross

by Modculture 5 January, 2016

The concept is nothing new, we have seen mod-inspired graphic novels such as The Originals and Tobias Dahmen’s Getting Grand. But Living for Kicks: A Mods Graphic Novel is a new take on the theme. Continue Reading

I’m The Face (Pete Meaden biography) by Pete Wilky with John Hellier (Light and Dark Publishing)

by Modculture 26 August, 2015

Like most people with an interest in the mod scene I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the enigma that is Pete Meaden. From my first introduction to him in the pages of Richard Barnes’ ‘Mods’ to the snippets of information provided since then, I have wanted to know who he was what motivated him, where he had come from and what he did after the 60s up until his untimely death. It was therefore with great excitement that I awaited the release of I’m The Face. Continue Reading