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Coming soon: Mods – The New Religion! book by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson

by Modculture 8 April, 2014

We have been looking forward to the arrival of Mods – The New Religion! by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson, as there’s every chance that it could be the definitive book on the 1960s mod scene. However, we have some good news and bad news. Continue Reading

eBay watch: True Detective – Mods and Rockers issue

by Modculture 11 March, 2014

Here’s something of an oddity from the 1960s, a True Detective Mods and Rockers issue. Continue Reading

Listen: The First Generation X on BBC Radio 4

by Modculture 11 March, 2014

We have flagged the book up before, but if you want to know more about Generation X by Charles Hamblett and Jane Deverson, check out The First Generation X on BBC Radio 4 on iPlayer while you still can. Continue Reading

Reminder: Modculture forum now up and running

by Modculture 4 November, 2013

We don’t advertise it widely, so if you’ve missed out on the news that the Modculture forums are back, let us point you in the direction of it. Continue Reading

Modernist New York: A Guide to New York for mods

by Modculture 6 September, 2013

Huge thanks to Derek from the excellent The Electric Mess for his help in putting together this mod’s guide to New York. Read on for what we have and if you can any comments or can add anything to it, please get in touch with us (we suspect this one could run and run). Likewise, if you can help put together a guide your town or city. Continue Reading

Modernist Barcelona: A Guide To Barcelona For Mods

by Modculture 28 August, 2013

Our second single city mod guide focuses no the super-hip city of Barcelona. Huge thanks to Alberto Valle for all his help in putting together this extensive guide – essential for anyone planning a trip there. Continue Reading

Modernist Stockholm: A Guide to Stockholm for mods

by Modculture 14 August, 2013

Been behind getting city guides up, so to make it easy for all concerned (including us), we’re going to condense single city guides into just one page. We’re kicking off with Stockholm, with thanks to Kim Dahlberg for his help in getting this up. Continue Reading

Mod UK photography project by Owen Harvey

by Modculture 14 August, 2013

Yes, another mod photo project, but Mod UK by Owen Harvey takes a slightly different tact than some others we have featured in the past. Continue Reading

Coming soon: A weekly Modculture newsletter

by Modculture 8 August, 2013

Some of you might have signed up for a Modculture newsletter in the past and seen nothing since. That’s because I’ve just not had time to produce one. That is changing soon with the introduction of a weekly newsletter. Continue Reading

Upcoming Mods exhibition in Northampton

by Modculture 8 July, 2013

We did highlight an upcoming mod exhibition called (simply) Mods in Northampton a couple of weeks back, but only now have we managed to get some concrete details about it. Find out for yourself by reading on. Continue Reading