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Watch it: Paul Weller One – a film by Andy Crofts

by Modculture 4 January, 2016

The problem with not updating the site over the festive season means that there are a few things that get missed. This new film on Paul Weller by Andy Crofts being one of them. Continue Reading

Now on pre-order: Looking Stateside: 80 US R&B, Mod, Soul and Garage Nuggets

by Modculture 13 November, 2015

The ‘Looking’ series of compilations from Cherry Red really are superb. So we are really excited to see another on the horizon – Looking Stateside: 80 US R&B, Mod, Soul and Garage Nuggets. In fact, you can pre-order your copy right now if you love to plan ahead. Continue Reading

Coming soon: The Small Faces – The Decca Years five-CD box set

by Modculture 29 June, 2015

Details are gradually emerging. Enough perhaps to convince us to pre-order The Decca Years five-CD box set by The Small Faces. Continue Reading

Small Faces official website

by Modculture 20 February, 2012

Thanks to Jason for pointing out that there's now an official Small Faces website…although how much it'll be updated is anyone's guess.

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Paul Weller – new single details

by Modculture 10 February, 2012

If you can't want for the new Sonik Kicks album, you can get your hands on new Paul Weller material a week early, when a new single is released.

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Mod Jazz Forever CD on Kent

by Modculture 2 February, 2012

For me, one of the strongest series on Ace Records – the Mod Jazz series that is. And that series will be added to next week with Mod Jazz Forever.

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Small Faces Deluxe CD reissues

by Modculture 25 January, 2012

Thanks to Jason for flagging these up – Deluxe CD reissues of the Small Faces albums, which are due to land in May, but are on pre-order now.

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The Italian Job mod rally 2012

by Modculture 24 January, 2012

I have listed this on the new site, but as that has yet to launch and you might want to get booking, here are some details for the The Italian Job mod rally 2012, which you'll find in Rimini, Italy.

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The Red Inspectors – album launch

by Modculture 3 January, 2012

You might not have heard of the band, but you might have heard of some of the personnel in The Red Inspectors – or at least, the bands they've been a part of.

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Jukebox Jam! album released

by Modculture 6 December, 2011

Just in time for your Christmas list is the first Jukebox Jam! album, which is released by Jazzman records.

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