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Coming soon: What Made Mods box set

by Modculture 3 April, 2014

Yes, that’s right, yet another mod-themed box set – and as you might expect, What Made Mods is both cheap and fairly obvious in content. Continue Reading

Out now: Blow-Up Soundtrack on 180g vinyl

by Modculture 31 March, 2014

If you are a fan of the swinging sixties classic and more importantly, a fan of the music, you mint want to know about the Blow-Up Soundtrack on 180g vinyl. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Greatest Ever Mod budget box set

by Modculture 22 March, 2014

I looked at this and thought it would be the one of those truly awful collections you see advertised on TV. Thing is, most of the material on the Greatest Ever Mod box set is actually pretty decent – even if it is pretty obvious too. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Modstock – 21st Century Club Classics album on Detour Records

by Modculture 11 March, 2014

Not just an event, Modstock is going to be an album too, with the New Untouchables’ Rob Bailey compiling a collection, which will be released via Detour Records. Continue Reading

New band: The See No Evils

by Modculture 10 March, 2014

You really can’t underestimate what Heavy Soul / Rowed Out does for new bands, taking a chance (on good old fashioned vinyl too) with new bands on a shoestring budget – and often seeing those chances pay off with the likes of The Strypes and The 45s. They have another winner on their hands with The See No Evils. Continue Reading

Listen: Speedometer’s soul/jazz take on Pharell Williams’ Happy

by Modculture 10 March, 2014

On the face of it, you might not like the idea of Speedometer’s soul/jazz take on Pharell Williams’ Happy. But trust me, it’s really good. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Various Artists – Inner City Beat! – Detective Themes, Spy Music And Imaginary Thrillers on Soul Jazz

by Modculture 10 February, 2014

This is interesting, not just an album, but a 1960s-inspired graphic novel is also part of Inner City Beat! – Detective Themes, Spy Music And Imaginary Thrillers on Soul Jazz. Continue Reading

New band: Thomas McConnell

by Modculture 31 January, 2014

Just had this drop into the inbox – and you mow what? I quite like the sound of Thomas McConnell. Continue Reading

Wanted: New member of the Fay Hallam Trinity

by Modculture 11 November, 2013

Want to be in a band? Know your way around a keyboard? You could be just what the Fay Hallam Trinity are looking for. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Rockhouse – How Mods Got The Blues

by Modculture 3 October, 2013

Doesn’t look like it will be widely available, but the Rockhouse – How Mods Got The Blues compilation looks like it might be worth seeking out. Continue Reading