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Coming soon: Chess Northern Soul Volume 2 7-inch box set

by Modculture 28 July, 2016

The first volume came out around a year ago. It is now being joined by the Chess Northern Soul Volume 2 7-inch box set. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Spencer Davis Group Taking Time Out Complete Recordings 1967-1969 box set (RPM)

by Modculture 11 July, 2016

If you haven’t bothered investigating the group post-Winwood, then now is your chance as the Spencer Davis Group Taking Time Out Complete Recordings 1967-1969 box set is heading your way via RPM. Continue Reading

Dirty Mod compilation now launching on vinyl from Well Suspect Records

by Modculture 30 June, 2016

We did flag up the release on CD some time back, but now it has been confirmed that the Dirty Mod compilation will be available on vinyl too. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Trojan Original Ska Classics on heavyweight vinyl (Trojan)

by Modculture 13 June, 2016

I’m guessing you might already own the tracks on here, but if you don’t – or just want to add to your collection – so check out the upcoming Trojan Original Ska Classics. Continue Reading

Mod-related music releases for Record Store Day 2016

by Modculture 8 March, 2016

Hopefully this captures them all. I have just been through the spreadsheet for all the Record Store Day releases for 2016, picking out all the mod-friendly releases I could find. I might well have missed a couplr, but nothing big. Some are very big too.  Releases like the mod box set will be chased up for detail in the coming days. Continue Reading

The Specials announce a 2016 UK tour – tickets on sale today

by Modculture 26 February, 2016

For various reasons this is now down to just three original members, but you suspect The Specials can still put on a great show. Continue Reading

Coming soon: The Who – The Polydor Singles 1975 – 2015

by Modculture 25 February, 2016

The final instalment of these boxes is about to land, namely The Who – The Polydor Singles 1975 – 2015. Continue Reading

The James Hunter Six – Hold On! (Daptone)

by Modculture 9 February, 2016

The release information from Daptone states that this is James Hunter’s fourth album. It’s actually his sixth by my reckoning and with that comes the danger that the more a great artist produces, the more they might struggle to keep up the standard. Thankfully, ‘Hold On!’ launches that theory out of the window. Continue Reading