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Vinyl editions of The Who’s My Generation reissues revealed

by Modculture 23 October, 2016

As we mentioned previously, The Who’s My Generation album is getting a reissue as a CD box set. When we wrote about that, we mentioned that a vinyl edition was coming out too. We were wrong about that – there are two vinyl editions planned for release. Continue Reading

1960s classic returns: Adidas Athen trainers reissued as a Size? exclusive

by Modculture 2 October, 2016

Almost 50 years since the first launch, the Adidas Athen trainers are heading back to the shelves as a limited edition. Continue Reading

Paul Weller’s first two solo albums to get vinyl reissues

by Modculture 23 August, 2016

You might already have them on the format. If not, you’ll be pleased to know that Paul Weller’s first two solo albums are to get vinyl reissues. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle trainers back in two leather finishes

by Modculture 4 July, 2016

We did mention the return of the 1991 Gazelle a while back, but at the time that was only in suede. Not any longer, as that 1991 take on the Adidas Gazelle trainers is back in two leather finishes. Continue Reading

Coming soon: S.F. Sorrow by The Pretty Things reissued on vinyl with original UK artwork

by Modculture 13 June, 2016

Another day, another tasty vinyl reissue, this time S.F. Sorrow by The Pretty Things, which returns via Madfish. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle Perfect trainers reissued – the return of the 1991 Gazelle

by Modculture 1 June, 2016

If you are a student of Adidas, then you should recognise these Adidas Gazelle Perfect trainers as a one-to-one reissue of the 1991 Gazelle shape. Continue Reading

45 reissue: Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure/Keep On Keepin’ On (Light Of Love Wax Company)

by Modculture 26 May, 2016

This is actually a charity release, so you’ll actually be doing some good investing in Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure/Keep On Keepin’ On  (Light Of Love Wax Company). Continue Reading

Coming soon: The Yardbirds – Roger The Engineer 50th anniversary CD and vinyl reissue

by Modculture 10 April, 2016

I think the album is actually officially called The Yardbirds. But generally this is known as the Roger The Engineer. Either way, it is back as a 50th anniversary reissue very soon. Continue Reading

Adidas Tobacco Rivea trainers get a one-to-one reissue in original 1972 colours

by Modculture 7 March, 2016

Authenticity is the name of the the game when it comes to the return of the Adidas Tobacco Rivea trainers. Continue Reading

Reissued: The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men (Deluxe Edition) (Well Suspect)

by Modculture 23 February, 2016

A second confirmed release for the Well Suspect label is actually a reissue of one of its original ones in slightly modified form – The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. Continue Reading