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Marriott-style knitted shirts return to Pretty Green

by Modculture 22 September, 2018

Saw some last year, but the Marriott-style knitted shirts at Pretty Green are new designs for the winter. Continue Reading

David Storey 2 Tone artwork limited edition prints

by Modculture 20 September, 2018

Classic imagery of an era and now available to buy, courtesy of these David Storey 2 Tone artwork limited edition prints. Continue Reading

John Smedley Mill Sale details confirmed

by Modculture 19 September, 2018

Always one for the diary if you love your knitwear – the John Smedley Mill Sale. Continue Reading

Fred Perry introduces tennis bomber jacket for women

by Modculture 14 September, 2018

A classic design, but previously aimed at just the male market. However, now you can get a Fred Perry tennis bomber jacket for women. Continue Reading

Clarks Gore-Tex desert boots now in the Clarks Outlet

by Modculture 13 September, 2018

If you fancy a pair, the Clarks Gore-Tex desert boots have just landed in the Clarks Outlet store. Continue Reading