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Burden Of Proof by James Barlow (Pan)

by Modculture 11 November, 2015

I was rummaging through some old paperbacks recently and spotted a book I read a long time ago, certainly long enough to be due a second reading. That book is Burden of Proof by James Barlow. Continue Reading

Fay Hallam – Corona (Blow-Up)

by Modculture 3 September, 2015

The last Fay Hallam release was the collaboration with The Bongolian known as Lost In Sound, which was an incredibly popular release, not least because it was a really good album. Now Fay is back with a solo project on the Blow-Up label, Corona. And it’s not what you might be expecting. Continue Reading

I’m The Face (Pete Meaden) by Pete Wilky with John Hellier

by Modculture 26 August, 2015

Like most people with an interest in the mod scene I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the enigma that is Pete Meaden. From my first introduction to him in the pages of Richard Barnes’ ‘Mods’ to the snippets of information provided since then, I have wanted to know who he was what motivated him, where he had come from and what he did after the 60s up until his untimely death. It was therefore with great excitement that I awaited the release of I’m The Face. Continue Reading

Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators – Paint Me In A Corner (Timmion)

by Modculture 16 April, 2015

Cracking release on the Timmion label – Paint Me In A Corner by Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators. Continue Reading

Lambert & Stamp (2015)

by Modculture 25 February, 2015

Alex ‘The Scenester’ Baxter gets an early viewing of the upcoming Lambert & Stamp documentary. Which means you get an early review. Continue Reading

Various Artists – Swinging Japan (The Neo Mod Scene Tokyo Style) (Acid Jazz)

by Modculture 13 January, 2015

Fancy getting a basic knowledge of the current crop of Japanese mod bands? Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn a new language, Acid Jazz has done the hard work and compiled Swinging Japan (The Neo Mod Scene Tokyo Style). Continue Reading

Northern Soul: The Movie (2014)

by Modculture 13 October, 2014

Well, the wait is over and the Northern Soul film is almost ready to hit the big screens nationwide. Is it any good? The Scenester has been lucky enough to attend an early screening of the much-anticipated movie. Here are his thoughts… Continue Reading

Sawdust Caesars by Tony Beesley (Days Like Tomorrow)

by Modculture 20 September, 2014

Well  it seems Mod books are like buses…you wait for one to come along and then two come at once. Hot on the heels of my own tome about the 1960s Mods comes Tony Beesley’s Sawdust Caesars. Continue Reading

Aunt Nelly – Shades of Orange (Time For Action)

by Modculture 3 July, 2013

Big fan of The Clique here, so the idea of a new Aunt Nelly album (a band containing a couple of former members) certainly appeals. Continue Reading

In The Crowd: Images of The Jam 1979 – 1982

by Modculture 28 June, 2013

There’s a very easy way of reviewing In The Crowd: Images of The Jam 1979 – 1982 by Derek D’Souza. But I’ll try and go further than just a single paragraph. Continue Reading