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1960s classic returns: Adidas Athen trainers reissued as a Size? exclusive

by Modculture 2 October, 2016

Almost 50 years since the first launch, the Adidas Athen trainers are heading back to the shelves as a limited edition. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle trainers back in two leather finishes

by Modculture 4 July, 2016

We did mention the return of the 1991 Gazelle a while back, but at the time that was only in suede. Not any longer, as that 1991 take on the Adidas Gazelle trainers is back in two leather finishes. Continue Reading

Paul Hallam Odds & Sods book signing at the Photographers’ Gallery, London

by Modculture 24 June, 2016

We have mentioned the book before, but if you want a signed copy, get yourself over to the Photographers’ Gallery in London tomorrow (25th June 2016), where Paul Hallam will be signing his Odds & Sods book. Continue Reading

Interview: Kieran McAleer talks Sneakers past and present

by Modculture 14 June, 2016

If you didn’t know, the legendary Sneakers club is back in London next month. We talked to Kieran McAleer about the night’s past and of course, its present. Continue Reading

Adidas Hamburg trainers return in black and blue suede options

by Modculture 13 June, 2016

Two new finishes for a City Series shoe that never seems to go away – the Adidas Hamburg trainers. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle Perfect trainers reissued – the return of the 1991 Gazelle

by Modculture 1 June, 2016

If you are a student of Adidas, then you should recognise these Adidas Gazelle Perfect trainers as a one-to-one reissue of the 1991 Gazelle shape. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle OG trainers return in a bright orange suede finish

by Modculture 7 May, 2016

A new finish for the classic Adidas Gazelle OG trainers, namely one in bright orange. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle OG trainers reissue in legend green

by Modculture 10 April, 2016

A classic returns once more, this time as the Adidas Gazelle OG trainers in legend green. Continue Reading

Adidas Tobacco Rivea trainers get a one-to-one reissue in original 1972 colours

by Modculture 7 March, 2016

Authenticity is the name of the the game when it comes to the return of the Adidas Tobacco Rivea trainers. Continue Reading

Adidas Hamburg trainers reissued in black and redwood leather finishes

by Modculture 4 February, 2016

A classic City Series shoe and one that has appeared in various finishes outside the original one. But we think the Adidas Hamburg trainers in black and redwood leather are definitely some of the best. Continue Reading