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Budget collection: 60s Mod Soul CD set

by Modculture 6 November, 2018

There is one overriding selling point of the upcoming 60s Mod Soul CD set. That’s the price tag of this two-disc collection. Continue Reading

The Greatest Mod and Northern Soul Album Box set (Rhino)

by Modculture 10 October, 2018

As you might have guessed, the artwork isn’t available just yet. Which is surprising as The Greatest Mod and Northern Soul Album Box set lands very soon. Continue Reading

Vinyl reissue: The Exciting Wilson Pickett

by Modculture 20 September, 2018

His third album and one of the most memorable. The Exciting Wilson Pickett is getting a heavyweight vinyl reissue. Continue Reading

Wigan Casino Soul Club gets a vinyl release

by Modculture 14 September, 2018

If you have room for another Wigan Casino compilation in your life, here’s one. The Wigan Casino Soul Club on vinyl. Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: 1980s London mod club scene

by Modculture 8 August, 2018

Want to relive your time at Sneakers? Or just get a feel for it? Check out the 1980s London mod club scene playlist on Spotify. Continue Reading