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Baracuta summer sale now on – up to 30 per cent off Harrington Jackets

by Modculture 15 June, 2016

Looking for a new Harrington? Probably a good time to buy one, as the Baracuta summer sale is now on. Continue Reading

Adidas Hamburg trainers return in black and blue suede options

by Modculture 13 June, 2016

Two new finishes for a City Series shoe that never seems to go away – the Adidas Hamburg trainers. Continue Reading

Baracuta G4 and G9 harrington jackets for women

by Modculture 13 June, 2016

These Baracuta G4 and G9 harrington jackets for women have just landed online. Continue Reading

Discounted desert boots in Clarks Outlet summer clearance

by Modculture 7 June, 2016

You might have to get lucky with sizes, but if you do, there are some desert boot bargains in the Clarks Outlet summer clearance right now. Continue Reading

Adidas Gazelle Perfect trainers reissued – the return of the 1991 Gazelle

by Modculture 1 June, 2016

If you are a student of Adidas, then you should recognise these Adidas Gazelle Perfect trainers as a one-to-one reissue of the 1991 Gazelle shape. Continue Reading

Fred Perry Reissues Made in England Harrington Jackets

by Modculture 8 May, 2016

Essentially a variation on a theme. That’s the Fred Perry Reissues Made in England Harrington Jacket. Continue Reading

1960s-style dresses: An interview with Melanie of Love Her Madly Boutique

by Modculture 20 April, 2016

It started off as one person making the occasional vintage-style dress for sale. But over time, Love Her Madly Boutique has become one of the leading lights in 1960s-dressmaking. We caught up with proprietor, designer and maker Melanie for a chat. Continue Reading

Adidas Tobacco Rivea trainers get a one-to-one reissue in original 1972 colours

by Modculture 7 March, 2016

Authenticity is the name of the the game when it comes to the return of the Adidas Tobacco Rivea trainers. Continue Reading

Baracuta discounts Harringtons further in final clearance

by Modculture 6 February, 2016

The sales are all coming to an end, which means final discount time. With Baracuta, that works out as an additional discount on the already heavily-discounted Harrington jackets. Continue Reading

Launching tomorrow: Hutton limited edition Type 01 desert boots

by Modculture 27 January, 2016

There has been some talk about these in the last few weeks, but from tomorrow you can finally get your hands on a pair of the Hutton limited edition Type 01 desert boots. Continue Reading