The Kinks movie coming soon

by Modculture 6 December, 2009


Long before the battling Gallaghers, there was the battling Davies brothers – and that's the focal point for what's currently being called You’ve Really Got Me, the big screen movie take on The Kinks.

Details on the flick are sketchy right now, but it will be directed by Julien Temple, yes, the man who managed to turn mod classic Absolute Beginners into a third rate 80s musical. Here's hoping he does a better job here. He should – he's working with Ray Davies on it. Speaking to Screen Daily, he said: 'At the heart of it is the extraordinary love-hate relationship between these two brothers: love/hate, sibling rivalry is at the core. I think it's a very rich social, cultural nexus around The Kinks. Their story is the untold story of all those big bands of the 1960s.'

No news on the release date or cast, but Temple claims the actors will be required to play The Kinks music: 'I think you would want to have the music played by the actors…that is believable and real while miming is problematic.'

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