The Mod Suit by Social Suicide

by Modculture 22 December, 2008


The word ‘Mod’ is big business these days, so its no surprise to see the more mainstream fashion scene jumping in on the act, The Mod Suit by Social Suicide being one example.

Irrespective of the suit itself, the idea and the range is actually quite interesting, featuring youth cult looks over the years, including the Teddy Boy, Mod, Rocker, Peanut, Beetle and Rudi, with each inspiring a handmade suit/outfit with the kind of detailing you’ll usually expect at a tailor.


Check the website for details of the other looks, but we’ll focus on the
Mod Suit. For your (not insubstantial) outlay, you get an
Italian-inspired light grey brushed flannel wool two-button jacket (and
trousers), with a 60s-style slim fit, a slightly quilted lining, woolen
cuffs, fastening button lapels and a ‘high visibility’ lining.

You can order one online for £480, which will probably get you a
tailored suit with your own detailing in most tailors outside of
London. But if you prefer ‘off the peg’, this looks a solid performer.

Find out more at the Social Suicide website

Via Retro To Go

  • harry The Hipster

    There is nothing ‘Mod’ about this suit at all…its horrible…and looks more like something you could pick up in your local charity shop for £12.99

  • Gary Shuck

    A traditional mod would not be seen dead in a suit like this!
    The suit was a thing of style and although change 3 buttons 5″ side vents narrow lapels 14″ straight leg trousers with frog mouth pockets and you won’t go far wrong!