The worst high street Mod range?

by Modculture 3 September, 2006

Several of Britain’s fashion retailers are jumping on the Mod bandwagon right now – some with success (more noticeably the women’s retailers), whilst others seem to have absolutely no knowledge of the subject matter.

Enter Debenhams.

Their "straight from the catwalk 60s mod range" is a vision in grey. In fact, it’s all grey. A selection of dark items lacking one key ingredient – style. A dark tie, a dark jacket, some cheap shoes, skinny trousers (don’t expect any detailing) and a badly-made Crombie.

Before you think about buying something from this formal range, just remember that you can have a pair of trousers made (see the tailoring guide) for not much more than Debenhams are charging and you pick up a quality fitted shirt from DNA for a bit more than the one here. And chances are you’ll find something far sharper in TK Maxx if you keep your eyes open.

Just say no.

View the Debenhams Mod range

Thanks to Luke for flagging this up on the forums.