Trailer: The Neat Offensive – a film about John Simons

by Modculture 10 February, 2014

The Neat Offensive - a film about John Simons

The Neat Offensive – a film about John Simons

Fair to say that if you don’t know about John Simons, you probably have a gap in your knowledge of modernism. Luckily that gap will soon be filled with a film about the great man, going by the name of The Neat Offensive.

It’s a work in progress so far, courtesy of Jason Jules of Garmsville, but from what we can see, the end product should be a fitting tribute to the godfather of ivy league clothing in the UK and as such, an influential force on mod’s past and present.

The trailer is available to watch now, featuring interviews with the likes of Paul Weller and Kevin Rowland, along with a host of other fans and literary bods. Well worth a view.

The people behind The Neat Offensive are still filming and still interviewing, so don’t expect the finished product for a while yet. The end of spring is currently being talked about. In the meantime, you can always go and visit the store yourself or at the very least, check out the online store.